Children’s Day: ANWOSAP Felicitates With Children Across The Country

The Association of Nigerian Women Safety Professionals (ANWOSAP) felicitates with all the children across the country.

ANWOSAP in its’ good will message signed by one of the Executive Directors, Mrs Monica Nwosu reads thus;

“We join the rest of the world to celebrate, our Children- our pride, and our hope for the future.

“This year’s celebration is indeed unique and different as the children are faced with the “new normal ” and are not able to mark this year’s celebration with the usual fun fair and cultural display, despite all of these, we still want to wish our children a very beautiful children’s day celebration.”

ANWOSAP further stated that in other to achieve the sustainable development goals and create a balance in our world, we must pay close attention to our children as the Leaders of tomorrow and future generation.

Today is an opportunity to remind us again of the united nations convention on the right of the child, this right clearly outlines the right of the child setting out the civil, political economic, social and cultural right of every child regardless of race, religion or abilities. Under this convention, government, parents, school teachers, Guardians, Care giver and every stakeholder that are responsible for care and protection of the child are required to meet the children basic needs and help them reach their full potentials. Central to this, is that everyone must acknowledge the fundamental right of every child to survival, protection and education. Each child deserves the basis need of life such as food, shelter, clean water, clothing and health care for survival, growth and development.

As well, every child deserves to be protected from violence, the children must not face any kind of abuse or neglect from adult whether physical or emotional abuse or even sexual exploitation. No child should miss the precious experience of growing up as a child through forceful disruption of their child hood; as a matter of urgency, every child must have access to free education that enables the child to reach their full potential in life, more so every child has the right to be raised by or have a relationship with their parent, more importantly every child has the right to leave in a family where they are shown love and taught good moral’s.

Furthermore every child has the right to be cared for even when their parent are not available and can not sustain their needs. Every child has the fundamental human right to free expression of their opinion, they have the right to be listened to so they can be properly guided on foundational virtues such as respect and courtesy for adults.


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