Occupational Health and Safety – role of women

Hard work, preparation and learning are keys to the success of female safety pros.

One problem that has faced a lot of women who try to get into the safety field is lack of mentors. People who have been more experienced safety and health professionals tended to be male. They tended to look for other young men they could mentor and bring up.

Network, network, network. Look for ways to be involved in associations to improve your visibility. It seems like women have to be more qualified somehow to hold the same position. My answer is become more qualified, get your professional certification.

Keep your skill set current. Go to things like [the National Safety Council Congress & Expo] and the educational sessions. Go to professional development conferences.

Through networking you hear what companies are more favorable to women, what obstacles other people have met, how they circumvented those obstacles to be successful.

For the older women, be a mentor.

For the younger women, seek a mentor. It doesn’t have to be a woman, but you may find that they will be more helpful to you.

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